@About us

Just another couple exploring our beautiful and diverse world. We use our free time to travel in our own country and in faraway places. We travel to experience diversity: landscapes, people, nature, cities, food, culture…

We love beautiful places, but we don’t travel only for that. We travel to be aware, to learn, to enjoy with our eyes and hearts open to the new and unexpected!

Don’t expect the conventional, we like doing things in our own way, not exactly following the status quo. We like to share great experiences, beautiful places, but also disappointing events, funny things.

We invite you to see through our eyes and try it yourself. It’s always surprising how the same place touches each one in a special way. Share with us how it was. Enjoy!


João, photographer, back-office and always full of ideas. He challenged us to make this blog happen. He lives close to the sea, loves bikes, surfing and music. Enjoys good food and wine. He likes to try new things and know more about everything, making him move and discover.




Emilia, the writer. I live in Lisbon for 2 years now, an awesome city where I keep feeling like a tourist. I love the sun and the sea, watching birds and feeling the nature around me. I’m a fan of Obélix and Harry Potter. I like ice-cream in summer and hot tea and a fireplace in the winter. And I love the laugh of my son and daughter, they mean the world to me!



Ah, I usually travel with an old pair of sandals, my feet best friends, that gave the name to this blog!