Sri Lanka: South Coast from Tangalle to Galle

Sri Lanka South Coast is a fishermen area with both history and paradise beach for surf lovers: white sand, warm water, waves, palm trees…

I travelled from Tangalle to Galle in a few stops along this looooong street near the sea: Tangalle » Hummanaya  » Matara » Unawatuna » Galle. Unforgettable!


I arrived at Tangalle by bus; it was the first time I used it – I was concerned it was too crowded, too hot, and not predictable 🙂

As it was advised by the B&B I started in, I took the risk. And it went really well: air-conditioned, on time and the driver left us at the door 🙂

Palm Paradise Cabanas & Villas

In TangalleI stayed at Palm Paradise Cabanas & Villas that was the best spot in Sri Lanka: private beach, a nice, clean beautiful pool…

I loved the place! Excellent location, welcoming staff, nice breakfast, private beautiful beach, good accommodation, clean pool, natural environment… I stayed for 4 days, but I’d stay forever if I could.
I went in the low season, not so hots and not so many people.
I stayed in the cabanas: rustic, middle of nice trees with birds, close to the beach; no air conditioning, but I didn’t feel the need.

The Villas looked very nice and sophisticated. If I were with kids, certainly would have been our option.
At the end of the afternoon, in the pool – quiet and warm, really welcoming – monkeys would come with their families and it was good entertainment!

Hummanaya Blow-Hole

(south of Kudawella province)

Said to be the second natural blow-hole in the world, it is for sure a nice place to contemplate for a while, feeling the power of nature. You have to walk for 500-600 meters after entering the park (you have to pay a low-cost ticket).

When visiting it, I crossed a visit from a Muslin girls school, head covered, umbrellas to protect from the sun…they were so fascinated about me as I was about them 😊 and suddenly there I was, taking selfies with them, me in my denim shorts and motorcycle helmet – feeling like a rock star!!

Far from the always-connected world, kids (and adults) like to be photographed and they see themselves in the photo. So, they would pose for us. 


A busy commercial area, with some special spots not to miss, namely a small island lost in time and the Dutchman’s Street restaurant – good food and atmosphere: rustic, creative, unforgettable place, that deserves one visit! 


This beautiful beach was our home for 3 days. From our window, I could contemplate the bay day and night. Down the stairs was the beach and the surfboards. Probably the best days in Sri Lanka. I believe paradise should look like this!

I managed to find a small store that was authorized to sell wine to foreign people. Along with some homemade shrimps, I had the best meal of our trip!


Galle, the most important town of the south coast of Sri Lanka, comprises the old Dutch quarter – enclosed within the Fort – and a spreading New Town outside the Fort’s walls.

Fort & Fort Ramparts

Originally built by the Portuguese, the Fort’s heyday was during the Dutch occupancy. In 1796 Galle was handed over to the British that dominated the commerce, namely of tea.

Well preserved Colonial architecture and fortifications, the atmosphere takes you to the past, contrasting with the busy town just outside the walls.

Narrow streets take you to the heart of the Dutch quarter, with a lot of stores, restaurants, bars swinging between rustic and fashion and sophisticated offer well-integrated with the global environment. Take at least one day and one night to explore the center and the Fort Ramparts. A lot of tourists around makes it vibrant and still typical, it is probably the best place to buy Sri Lanka souvenirs, as the offer is very diverse and is really enjoyable to visit the stores.

At rush time the traffic of motorcycles is really impressive, with entire families in one motorcycle. Unbelievable!

If you enjoy the surf and white sand beaches with palm trees don’t miss the South Coast of Sri Lanka.







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