Sri Lanka: Ella surroundings

After the unforgettable train travel from Kandy,  we arrived at the small train station of Ella, that gets completely crowded when each train stops, showing it was not taught to receive so many visitors!

Ella is an enchanting village, that grew without losing personality, that receives all foreign people without dazzle.

Come with us and meet Ella surroundings and thing to do! 

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Koh Kood – Thailand paradise island, away from the crowds

If you are looking for paradise, you might want to start here!

Koh Kood has all you can ask for: white-sand beaches, warm and crystal-clear sea, waterfalls, good food, and breath-taking landscapes. A low populated small island not (yet) in the touristic intensive circuits, keeping its genuineness. Coconut drop might be your only worry 😉

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