Kailua – Beach bar @ Fonte da Telha

Welcome to Kailua:  a beach bar at Fonte da Telha – good vibes, great location, breathtaking sunset – open all year!

If you want to have a good time at the beach, summer or winter, this is a perfect choice.

In the summer, bring your bath suit and get a sit with your feet on the sand, a few meters from the sea. Ask for a fresh drink and enjoy the hot sun, white sand and light waves.

In the winter, bring a coat and enjoy the peace and the light – there’s nothing better than a winter sunny afternoon. If you’re cold, Kailua has some blankets that will heat you and make you wish time stops. Red wine or hot tea can be perfect companions.

So, perfect for a stand-alone drink or a date if you’re in love … you can get married here 🙂

Also very nice for families, as you can have some peaceful moments while kids play on the sand… or you can all play together!

It’s hard to find a so versatile place, where you feel things were thought for you! 

The location  

Fonte da Telha is a looooong white sand beach inserted in a beautiful protected area – Arriba Fóssil da Costa da Caparica.

30 km far from Lisbon, in the south margin of Tejo/Tagus river. Cross the iconic bridge “25 de Abril” (equal to Golden Gate in San Francisco), an experience not to miss if you are staying in Lisbon for a few days.


Kailua is a great space with different options: from a dinner table inside the restaurant to different levels of tables and sand tables and chairs.

Very good, diverse and consistent cook and drinks with very friendly waiters. My beloved food: shrimp with garlic, clams, chocolate mousse with mascarpone. Favourite drink:  sangria – try the strawberry and the pineapple ones.

Good value for money. Serving from breakfast to late dinner (kitchen only closes by 11 pm).

All you can think about a beach bar is there. Marriages organization included! 

Did I mention the sunset 🙂 ?

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